Wendy Phillips

Toy Safety Experts was founded in 2012 by Wendy Phillips. She has worked in the toy safety sector for more than 25 years, working for test laboratories, major UK retailers and multinational toy companies.  

Wendy has a wide network and operates at the very heart of the toy industry both in the UK and Europe. She is in a position to feel the pulse of the industry, working at both company and governmental and enforcement level and can advise on how future changes and developments in the industry could affect your business. 

Wendy’s wide experience can be seen below:

  • Chair of the BSI’s UK toy safety committee CW 15 
  • Chair of the UK’s toy standards interpretations committee
  • Head of Delegation for the European CEN toy safety Standards Meeting
  • She is a long standing toy safety advisor for the British Toy and Hobby Association
  • She regularly represents the toy industry at government level as part of her work with the BTHA
  • Co-chair of the BTHA’s Toy safety technical committee
  • Co-chair of the BTHA’s Toy Retailer Forum
  • She has lab experience and was manager of the toys department at STR laboratories
  • She was responsible for Tomy Europe’s product quality, safety and corporate responsibility for 14 years.

Wendy has forged influential links with key players in the industry, from legislators and trading standards enforcers to the largest international retailers.

"I love helping companies find a pragmatic and commercial approach that works for them"
Wendy Phillips
founder of Toy Safety Experts